Craig & Jennie

Pastor Craig has been on staff for almost 15 years. He has served as Youth Pastor, Worship Director & Associate Pastor. Currently he is serving as Lead Pastor where he oversees the vision of the church, provides leadership to ministries, and pastoral care.
Pastor Craig grew up in Lockport and is happy to say he also grew up going to Freedom Church. After graduating high school, Pastor Craig went to college for accounting and finance. God spoke to Pastor Craig, and directed him to Elim Bible Institute where Pastor Craig graduated from the Year in the Son program. After graduation, Pastor Craig married his wife Jennie and they moved back to Lockport to join the staff at Freedom Church. Pastor Craig has also been certified as a member of the John Maxwell leadership team. He is also a Community Garden Board Member. Pastor Craig and Jennie now have five amazing children (Leland, Hudson, Adalyn, Lilian, and Fynley) who they love dearly. In his spare time Pastor Craig enjoys fishing, writing music, playing sports, reading, and spending time with his family. In everything he does, Pastor Craig desires to pursue Christ and to see His Kingdom come!

Jennie Campbell, Pastor Craig’s wife, began serving at the church when she and Pastor Craig moved to Lockport almost 15 years ago. Jen came alongside Pastor Craig with Encounter Youth Ministry when he was the youth pastor. She helped organize and chaperone different events, as well as, lead worship during youth group. Currently, she is serving as our Worship Director and helps to coach our Children’s Director as she leads FTC Kids and the teachers. Jen, originally from Croghan, NY, now resides in Lockport and works as a nurse at Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo when she is not doing work for the church. In addition, she is also the mother to five beautiful children (Leland, Hudson, Adalyn, Lilian, and Fynley). It is safe to say that she does not get bored very easily. She also enjoys singing and writing music, and most importantly being a mother and a wife.