Freedom LifeGroups

This is no joke. When we say EVERYONE can find a LifeGroup to join at Freedom Church, we mean it! Every year we have a LifeGroup fair in the fall, where you can come and see what LifeGroups we have to offer, and even sign up to be a part of one. There are several different groups, aimed at several different types of people. From men’s groups to women’s groups, to young married couples and veteran married couples. There are also groups geared toward people who just want to dive into the Bible more and build relationships with other believers and non-believers.

LifeGroups are groups of people who gather together at someone’s house. We believe that people grow spiritually by connecting relationally, and that’s what happens when you come together in a home. These are comfortable environments where you can come together and build lasting relationships with each other while growing your relationship with Christ.